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14 June, 2016


One of the few established female drivers in Supercross and Freestyle Motocross is coming to 24MX International Supercross Tele2 Arena in Stockholm on 8th October. Vicki Golden , Suzuki, is like no other, competing in both Supercross and Freestyle at this years event. The best of both worlds according to her. Vicki’s C.V… Läs mer

26 May, 2016

24mx International Supercross Riders

The line-up includes some of the world’s best drivers from the US and Europe and our Swedish challengers. Below you will find a selection of high-class athletes who come to Tele2 Arena October 8 ….

8 April, 2016

24MX International Supercross 8th October 2016 Tele2 Arena

Friday, April 8, 2016 — The world’s best supercross riders are set to return once again to the capital of Scandinavia, Stockholm. On October 8 the second 24MX International Supercross, featuring a full-scale SX track, will take place inside the magnificent Tele2 Arena. Over 6.000 tons of dirt will be… Läs mer