24MX – Supercross – English




15: 00-16: 00: The entrance to the Pit Party is open (for guests with Pit Party ticket).
Entrance is from the south side of Tele2 Arena

16:00: Pit Party ends and the runway is cleared.
Take the opportunity to recharge for the night’s entertainment, there are countless restaurants at the Tele2 Arena.

16:00: The entrances to the Tele2 Arena opens.

17:30: The doors to the gallery open.

18:00: Supercross festival kicks off.

21:15: The competition is expected to be completed.

Timetable for VIP guests

14:00: We open for our VIP guests.
Come into the arena through the red carpet at the VIP entrance. Once inside, go up to the VIP area where you get your Accreditations from our VIP hosts and then you can freely move throughout the VIP area as well as enjoying the fully stocked bar.

15:00: Pit Party starts.
Go down to the track Directly from the VIP section. Meet all the top riders from the US and Europe, including Sweden’s best. Collect autographs, take pictures and hang out with the stars.Walk the track and experience the challenge of a full-scale American supercross track with whoops and gigantic jumps

16: 00-18: 00: For our VIP guests a delicious buffet is served in the VIP section.

16:00: Pit Party ends and the runway is cleared.
As a VIP guest, go straight from the runway up to the VIP section.

21:15: The competition is expected to be completed and for our VIP guests the After Party starts.
Mingle with drivers, mechanics and the people behind the evening’s events.

02:00: The Afterparty ends.