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Supercross is back at the Tele2 Arena!

The worlds best supercross riders take on a challenging, full-scale supercross track.

On October 8, 2016,  6,000 tons of sand, soil and clay will fill the Tele2 Arena to create a spectacular track for the hair-raising racing. The lineup includes some of the worlds top riders from the US, Europe and Sweden. They will take on an extremely demanding course, designed by a professional course designer from the United States, including challenging whoops and up to 30 meter long jumps, throwing riders 10 meters into the air. It will be a spectacular event to witness.

In 2014, The first Supercross race in Europe on a full-scale indoor Supercross track took place – 24MX International Supercross & Freestyle MX Tele2 Arena. Now the race is back with an impressive starting field and an exciting program for the whole family.

Alongside the supercross racing, is the excellent Freestyle MX. World renowned and daring FMX riders will challenge themeselves and perfrom a crazy show with jumps and tricks that will leave you in awe.

Tip:  The noise level is high. There are earplugs available at the arena if you feel discomfort. For small children it is good to bring earplugs.

What is Supercross?

Supercross is one of the most extreme and spectacular motor sports available, where the world’s best riders compete against each other in arenas across the globe. The contestants take on incredibly demanding courses with lots of jumps and combinations of Obstacles.

What is fmx?

The riders in this sport are using their motorcycles to perform crazy, acrobatic tricks in the air. They jump from huge ramps, 25 meters apart, flying over 10 meters above the ground whilst doing tricks and backflips. Extremely exciting and spectacular to experience!

Fullscale supercross track